CD: Boston Byzantine Choir: Thy Resurrection

CD: Boston Byzantine Choir: Thy Resurrection
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Pascha. The Feast of Feasts. The Festival of Festivals. No other day in the Orthodox calendar is celebrated with such majesty and splendor.

The Orthodox Paschal journey from death to resurrection, from the vigil at the darkened tomb to the sublime and radiant light of the angel at the empty tomb of the Risen Christ, is expressed through the Church’s unique hymns and services.

May these hymns from the Orthodox Church’s celebration of Holy Pascha illumine and inspire you and may the light of the Resurrection of Christ fill your heart.

This Music CD also includes a booklet with the text of all the hymns in English.

Play list for
"Thy Resurrection"

O Lord, I Have Cried
Moses the Great
Hymn of the Three Youths
Arise, O God
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
All Creation Rejoices In Thee
The Lord Awoke
Behold the Dawn
Come, Receive Ye Light
Angels in the Heavens
Second Matinal Gospel
Christ Is Risen
The Opening of the Doors
The Paschal Canon, Ode One
When They Who Were With Mary
Though Thou Didst Descend
The Paschal Canon, Odes 3-8
The Paschal Canon, Ode 9
Troparia After Each Ode of the Canon
When Thou Hadst Fallen Asleep
The Homily of Saint John Chrysostom
Grace, Shining Forth
The Paschal Verses
In the Gathering Places
Partake Ye of the Body of Christ
The Stichera of Pascha
This Is the Day of Resurrection
This Is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made