William Bush

Born a Southern Baptist in 1929 in Florida, William Bush embraced Anglo-Catholicism at age 20. In 1955 an unforseen encounter with a holy Russian woman in Paris revealed to him that Orthodoxy too might be embraced by those who were not born Orthodox. Three years residence in Paris (1956-1959) to write his Sorbonne thesis followed this decisive encounter, allowing him to steep himself in the Orthodoxy of Paris's sizeable Russian colony. He did not, however, out of obedience, seek admission into the Church before a ten-year wait expired in 1967 when, at age 38, he was received into the Greek Church.

Professor Emeritus of the University of Western Ontario, William Bush began his academic career in 1959 with seven years at Duke University before immigrating in 1966 with his English wife and four children to London, Ontario, where he had been named Professor of French. His authoritative volumes in French and English both on the French Catholic writer, Georges Bernanos, and on the sixteen blessed Carmelite martyrs of Compiegne are recognized internationally.

In 1977 William Bush was co-founder of the English-language Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Parish (Antiochian) in London, Ontario, where he serves as a chanter.