Christianity & Pleasure

Christianity & Pleasure
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"We’ll start our discussion of pleasure with St. Maximos’ definition that pleasure is 'desire fulfilled.' If this is true, the real question then becomes: what do you desire? Or, more simply put, what do you want?"

We are often unaware that pleasure is the engine that drives us. Without this awareness, we lunge from activity to activity with no sense of what we really want, no sense of what really gives our lives joy.

The saints were “all or nothing” Christians. We look to them through lovely and comforting icons in the church, but imagine St. Athanasius the Great walked into the room where you’re reading this right now.

What would he say to you? “You’re a wonderful Christian, I’m proud of you!” Probably not. He would, if you’re anything like most Christians, tell you to stop reading books and start to weep for your sins. Would you do it, though? Would you follow his advice? That’s the question. Some believe that Christianity is all pleasure, and some believe that Christianity is no pleasure at all. Which is it?

Living the Christian life is a matter of understanding how some pleasure draws us toward God and other pleasure takes us away from Him.

* The Four Definitions of Pleasure
* What do you Want?
* Crucify Your Mind
* Be Thinkful
* The Opposite of Pleasure is Pain
* We Have no Home in this World
* Heaven Begins Today
* We Learn to Love Pleasure Before We Realize We’re Learning to Love Pleasure
* The Lord’s Prayer and Pleasure
* Popular Entertainment
* The Highest Pleasure
* The Essence of the Matter

About The AUTHOR The V. Rev. Dr. David Smith is a priest of the Antiochian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Ottawa. He is a licensed nursing home administrator, and operates a nursing home in Oswego, New York. He lives in Syracuse with his wife and four children.