A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs

A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs
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A reference guide to more than 700 topics discussed in the words of the early Church Fathers

David W. Bercot, Editor

Alexander of Alexandria, Apollonarius, Clement of Rome, Cyprian, Dionysius of Alexandria, Eusebius, Firmilian, Ignatius of Antioch, Irenaeus Martyr, Novatian, Polycarp, Tertullian, the Dideche, Holy Scriptures, and MORE...

Never before has a signle book included the teachings of the Early Church Fathers arranged by subject covering over 800 issues from Ablution, Abortion, Absolution, and Acolyte to Catechumens, Celibacy, Christ, and The Church, "A" to "Z."

A Dictionary of Early Christian Beliefs includes:

  • Relevant comments by the Fathers on all key Christian concepts/doctrines.
  • Biblical verses associated with each given topic covered by the Fathers.
  • Offers full and simple definitions of unfamiliar terms or concepts.
  • Provides a complete "who's who" of ante-Nicene Christianity.
  • Functions as a great topical index to the ante-Nicene Fathers.
  • Is a complete guide to the earliest Christian writings on all the moral, theological, and doctrinal issues at the heart of the Orthodox Holy Tradition.
  • Is the best overall introduction to the ante-Nicene fathers in print.
  • Perfect for group study! The ultimate Sunday school reference work.
  • Look up any question and see what the Fathers say!

Hardcover, 700 pages.