Faith Through Doubt - How to Remain Orthodox in an Alien Culture

Faith Through Doubt - How to Remain Orthodox in an Alien Culture
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"FAITH THROUGH DOUBT - How to Remain Orthodox in an Alien Culture"

(Lecture and discussion 1 Hour 22 Minutes)

By Frank Schaeffer

"In this lecture 'Faith Through Doubt' Frank Schaeffer captures the true spirit of Orthodoxy in a most wonderful and unusual way. He brings a deep Patristic understanding to the contemporary believer that is a rare treasure. This lecture will encourage all to never give up hope in faith no matter what doubts they have."
Rev. Father Efstathios Varvarelis
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Charlotte, NC

"Never have our college age young people and adults, who heard Frank deliver this amazing and dynamic talk, been so moved and enthusiastic about any material we have ever brought them... A deep revelation of the heart of the Orthodox Mystery as told by this most energetic speaker. Provides the most uplifting and hopeful Orthodox talk we have heard."
Rev. Father Michael Varvarelis
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Charlotte, NC

Is doubt in conflict with Faith? No, says Orthodox author and speaker Frank Schaeffer in his new, never-heard-before lecture.

This talk was delivered to an Orthodox retreat in the fall of 2008 and professionally televised for this DVD. Frank Schaeffer's many readers and those who have watched his previous lectures (such as "The Defense Of Orthodoxy" and "Why I Became Orthodox") will find this new lecture fascinating and uplifting.

Herein we find a mature and thoughtful convert to Orthodoxy 20 years into his journey into Orthodoxy. Frank presents a comprehensive and compassionate look at what makes the Orthodox Church so different from the surrounding culture, both in its secular academic atheistic form and the Protestant civil religion that makes up so much of American life.

Frank describes the difference between the Orthodox approach to salvation through liturgical practice through "being" and "doing" as opposed to thinking and reasoning and trying to believe correctly. Here we learn of the dichotomy between the rationalist West both in its secular and Christian incarnations, and the ancient Orthodox Church.

Frank places his emphasis on the permanently open door the Orthodox Church offers to all comers--no matter where they are on their spiritual journey! Orthodoxy offers neither a black-and-white nor in-or-out scenario for those seeking salvation, but rather a "practical path to God that one can fall off a hundred times and yet climb back on."

Those who watch this DVD will find one of the most refreshing lectures (not to mention an excellent question-and-answer session) and a deep reservoir of encouragement that will help them stay on the path of the Orthodox life despite all failings and inadequacies. As Frank says; "The Orthodox Church excludes no one!"

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