The Faith -- Table of Contents

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The Symbol of Faith

Part One: The Doctrines of Christ

__Chapter 1: The Foundation of the Orthodox Faith

__Chapter 2: The Holy Trinity

__Chapter 3: Creation

__Chapter 4: The Fall of Mankind

__Chapter 5: The Promised Messiah of Israel

__Chapter 6: The Incarnation

__Chapter 7: Man's "Yes" to God

__Chapter 8: The Teachings of Christ

__Chapter 9: Love Stronger than Death

Part Two: The Life in Christ

__Chapter 10: The Birth and Mission of the Church

__Chapter 11: The Structure of the Church

__Chapter 12: Holy Baptism

__Chapter 13: The Seal of the Gift of the Holy Spirit

__Chapter 14: The Mystical Supper

__Chapter 15: The Church at Prayer

__Chapter 16: The Mystery of Love

__Chapter 17: Monasticism

__Chapter 18: The Lord's Return

Conclusion: Living an Orthodox Life in a Secular World

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