Saving Grandma -- Chapter One (Excerpt)

I never talked about Jennifer if I could help it. Rachael always wanted to pry information out of me about the state of Jennifer's soul and Janet made fun of me about how Jennifer was my girlfriend. But Jennifer was a lot more birthdays were only a month apart. I watched her grow more beautiful each year we met on the beach at Paraggi, near Portofino, Italy, where our families had been vacationing for twelve years. than a girlfriend, she was my best friend.

I had known her since we were three years old. Our Rachael must have seen me staring at my feet, trying not to look at Janet, who was smirking about Jennifer's postcard. Rachael was curious but not mean, so she changed the subject before Janet could make one of her nasty remarks about English girls being stuck-up, or warn me about getting too attached to an unsaved, worldly girl.

"God has blessed us with a wonderful family," said Rachael.

"You mean Grandmother?" muttered Janet.

Mom fixed Janet with her brightest reproving smile.

"The Lord has been good to us in spite of your father's unfortunate mother!"

Copyright 1997 by Frank Schaeffer