The Funny, Terrible, Wonderful Journey to Pascha

Great Lent Unplugged
Great Lent Unplugged
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Scores of smart, spiritual people have written brilliant and meaningful material about Great Lent. At last, some counterpoint to all that brilliance in Great Lent Unplugged, an off-beat, non-scholastic look at Lent.

Great Lent Unplugged is an antidote to the human propensity to overdo personal spiritual loftiness. It is a book to put the Lenten journey in perspective, a check against taking oneself so seriously in the self-stirred cauldron of nit-picking legalism that Lent can become toxic and counterproductive.

This is Lent with a twist, Lent with a sense of self-deprecating humor. Whether you’re an old hand, or spelling out the word L-E-N-T for the first time, everything is here to spice up your next round.

Don’t resign yourself to seven weeks of celery sticks. Eat meat-free but satisfied with tasty Air Tacos and That Semi-Festive Bean Thing: The Ultimate Spiritual Battlefield. And learn about Lent in an entertaining way.

Great Lent Unplugged is perfect for Lenten study groups, and will appeal to young adults too because it is funny. It will be left up to the reader to figure out where the author’s imagination ends and facts begin, and in doing so readers will be surprised by the fact that they may just stumble on the true meaning of Lent.

Great Lent Unplugged; don’t do Lent without it!

Great Lent Unplugged includes...

• Bright Monday: The Round, Ripe Other Side of Lent • Laying the Foundation: Lent As A Quiet Kind of Funny • Keeping the Lenten Fast: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Big Baby • Air Tacos and Other Timeless Favorites: Hope for the Lenten Kitchen •The History of Lent The Early Years: A Good Idea Catches On • Breaking Dry Bread With The Celts: Lent Among the Folk of the Wild Goose • Russian Lent: With Many Thanks to the Tatars for Their Singular Culinary Contribution • Lenten Reading for All: Three Dazzling Books For the Journey • Lent in the Temple: What’s Going On In There?

About The AUTHOR

Jean Hoefling lives near Boulder, Colorado with her husband Tim and four teenagers, where she is a member of St. Luke’s Antiochian Orthodox Church. She has a B.A. in Communications from the University of Colorado. Currently she home-schools three of her children and has spent sixteen years doing evangelism and camp work in Italy and France.