In Peace Let Us Pray to the Lord
Table of Contents

About the Author
  1. The Orthodox Church and
    the Gift of Tongues
  2. Intuitions and Convictions
The Church of Pentecost:
the Holy Orthodox Church

Quotations on “Tongues”
and the Prayer of the Heart

Chapter 1. Interpretive Choices in Acts and First Corinthians:
Tongues and Spiritual Gifts

  1. Inspiration, Revelation, and Interpretation
  2. Patristic Interpretations: Boldness, Truth, and Pastoral Needs.
  3. Patristic Interpretations: the Spirit and the Letter.
  4. The Sure and the Uncertain: A Choice of Interpretations
  5. Spiritual Gifts, Prophecy, and Foreign Languages
  6. A Preliminary Answer: Kinds of Tongues as the Prayer of the Heart
Chapter 2. A Patristic Reading of Pentecost
  1. Preparation: the Proper Time, the Proper Place, the Appropriate People
  2. The Meaning of "As"
  3. Prayer, Prophecy, and Comprehensibility: Purposeful and Timely Gifts.
  4. What was heard?
  5. The Sobriety of the Spirit
  6. Holy Pentecost: A Unique Fulfillment of Prophecy and Figure.
  7. The Characteristics of Holy Pentecost
Chapter 3. A Patristic Reading of Saint Paul’s Discourse on Spiritual Gifts in His First Epistle to the Corinthians
  1. The Aim of the Incarnation and Gifts of the Spirit
  2. The “Traditional” English Text: Its Translation and Interpretation
  3. Kinds of Tongues in Corinthians and other Pauline Epistles.
  4. The Illumined and the Perfected: Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
  5. Illumination and Glorification: Unceasing Prayer and The Vision of Christ
  6. Pentecost and Corinth
Chapter 4. A Matter of Experience
  1. Discerning the Spirits: the Safe Experiences of the Church
  2. Discerning the Spirits: Experiences of Deception
  3. Discerning the Spirits: Experiences of Grace
  4. Which Comes First: Faith or Experience?
The Pentecostal Churches
Quotations on “Tongues” as Supernatural and Unintelligible Prayer

Chapter 5. A Tale of Sound and Fury

  1. The Enthronement of Experience in American Protestantism
  2. Touch and Tongues: the Discovery of the First American Pentecostals.
  3. The First Pentecostal Communities: A Diversity of Tongues; A Diversity of Churches
  4. New Wine in Old Wine Skins: the Charismatic Movement.
  5. The TV Church: Christians of the Third Wave.
  6. The Pentecostal Answer
Chapter 6. The Dogmas of the Non-dogmatic
  1. Dogma, Heresy, and the Church.
  2. Salvation and the Start of the Christian Life: Belief, Baptism, and Spiritual Gifts.
  3. Dogmas of Denial: a. Holy Communion b. The Priesthood. c. Holy Confession. d. The Saints and the Holy Icons
  4. Christianity without the Cross: the Pentecostal “Church” of the End-Times
  5. The Spiritual Vacuum of the Unscriptural and Nonsacramental Life
Chapter 7. The Ecstatic
  1. Religious Ecstasy in the Non-Christian World.
  2. Pentecostal Worship and Religious Experience.
  3. "This is an hard saying; who can hear it?”
Yet I show I unto you a more excellent way
  1. No Man can Serve Two Masters
  2. A Higher Goal, a Safer Way
  3. "Sing unto the Lord a new song"
Every Man Heard Them Speak In His Own Language: God is Wonderful in His Saints
  1. The Holy and Glorious Greatmartyr Christopher († 249-251)
  2. Our Venerable and God-bearing Father Paisius the Great (b. 300).
  3. Our Father Among the Saints Basil the Great (329-364)
  4. The Venerable Monk Martyr James the New (†1520)
  5. The Holy Elder Porphyrios (†1991)