How I Made a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Orthodoxy (Without Traveling Very Far) and Found Peace, Love and Stillness by Jean Hoefling

Journey To God
Journey To God
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Journey To God

The center of pilgrimage is not our sin, but God’s mercy. Yet to discover this, we must take the first step. Journey to God is just that: a simple variety of short, budget-conscious pilgrimages through the guidance of the Orthodox Church. And this record of God’s mercy acting on the human soul didn’t require the author take out a second mortgage or set a single jet-lagged foot in Jerusalem.

Jean Hoefling is honest about the effort true Christian pilgrimage requires, and candid about its disappointments and elations. Whether it’s revisiting the scene of childhood faith, discovering the Jesus Prayer and the treasure of Saints’ shrines and relics, feasting at the spiritual smorgasbord of a desert monastery, or detailing the rigors of a six-day silent retreat surrounded by forty people; each chapter encompasses the reader with the universal appeal of the pilgrimage experience, without false piety or glib analysis.

Whether you are a seasoned spiritual traveler or just now breaking out the pilgrim staff and road map, Journey to God will inspire you to appreciate this age-old tradition of the Church. And it might draw you down a path you least expect.

  • A perfect book for retreats and study groups
  • A great book to give to the non-Orthodox
  • A true story of spiritual growth and deepening faith

Christian pilgrims share a common destination, a common hope; ideally, we share a common life. Jean Hoefling’s Journey to God helps to guide us to that place, the same place where even Saints have trod, shining a light toward that fulfilling destiny that is, truth be told, a deep breath and a heartbeat away.
Fr. Joseph David Huneycutt
Author of One Flew Over the Onion Dome and Defeating Sin

“This is a wonderful sharing of a most important spiritual journey, written with love and humor, and at times, painful honesty.”
Fr. Seraphim Gisetti
Pastor, St. John Chrystostom Mission, Golden, Colorado

Journey to God is an engaging spiritual travelogue, a quest for deeper spiritual understanding and expression… Jean pulls us into the eternal moment of life with the Saints. These tales, told with honesty, vulnerability and humor, are sure to inspire.”
Monk Martin
Monastery of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco


Jean Hoefling is the author of Great Lent Unplugged. She is a literacy coach and lives with her family in Louisville, Colorado. Jean is a member of St. Luke’s Orthodox Church.