THE NON ORTHODOX Table of Contents

viii About the Author

ix Acknowledgements

1 Chapter One: A Burning Question

9 Chapter Two: The Orthodox View of Grace

27 Chapter Three: Western Christianity as Heresy

46 Chapter Four: Culpability, Sincerity, and Victimization

52 Chapter Five: An Evaluation of Heterodox Baptism

69 Chapter Six: Can the Non-Orthodox be Called Christians?

81 Chapter Seven: Bishop Kallistos' Answer

104 Chapter Eight: St. Ignaty and Daniel Clendenin

117 Epilogue: Orthodoxy's "Exclusive Openness"

121 Appendix I: An Extended Critique of Ecumenist Reasoning

160 Appenidx II: The Use of the Term "Heretic"

164 Appendix III: St. Dorotheos of Gaza on Judging Others

167 Appendix IV: A Personal Letter to a Protestant Inquirer