The Earthly Context of the Savior

The Person Of The Christ
The Person Of The Christ
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Living in a world that differed radically from ours, Jesus is revealed by researching His context. To come into knowledge of this context, it is to first-century Judaism that we must turn. Through a most unique synthesis of Orthodox Christian theology, early Church Fathers, rabbinic writings, and contemporary Jewish and Christian biblical scholarship, this astonishingly unique book explores the atmosphere of first-century Palestine in which Christ lived.

The Person Of The Christ explores many issues including the inter-testamental period; the Pharisees and Sadducees; the Sanhedrin; the concept of YHWH and its significance for the Orthodox Christian; the Shekhinah–the Jewish understanding of the presence of God–and its rich potential for understanding the Incarnation.

This work also thoroughly examines the development of the Jewish Messiah concept throughout the Scriptures, as well as early Judaic writings, and the reaction of Jesus to the Messianic concepts of His day. To follow Christ is to desire to know Him. The Person Of The Christ will bring readers closer to Jesus, His time, place and life.

About The Author
Daniel Fanous is a member of St. Mark's Orthodox Church in Sydney, Australia. Daniel is extensively involved in the theological education and services for high school and university youth. Daniel has spent many years exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity and its significance theologically and spiritually.