A Rumor of War

A Rumor of War
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At last we have a new work from the pen of Dennis Engleman, and it has been worth the wait. "A Rumor of War" will prove invaluable not only to former Protestants and those Orthodox coming into missionary contact with Protestants, but it will both inform and fascinate the general Orthodox reader. Thoroughly based on the writings of the Fathers, Mr.Engleman shows once again a sensitivity to the patristic worldview that is too rarely seen today. --Fr. Alexey Young

  Christ's Millennial Reign and the Rapture of His Church By Dennis Eugene Engleman. Regina Orthodox Press has just published a very timely book, A Rumor of War: Christ's Millennial Reign and the Rapture of His Church. In the light of the terrorist attacks on America of September 11 many confused Christians, including many Orthodox have been listening to the teachings of certain Protestant preachers and televangelists on the so-called end-times. However the teaching of the Orthodox Church on these matters differs significantly from the beliefs of many Protestant sects whether "evangelical," "fundamentalist" or "Charismatic." A Rumor of War: Christ's Millennial Reign and the Rapture of His Church offers a comprehensive study of the Holy Orthodox Tradition, the teachings of the Fathers and sound Orthodox biblical interpretation on the issues surrounding the "end of days" and the return of Christ. Orthodox will welcome this sane and biblically grounded book as an alternative to a great deal of bad teaching that is flooding the world in these troubling times. All Christians will find comfort and reassurance in this timely book. (Perfect for church study groups and Sunday school, ages 15 and up!) A Rumor of War: Christ's Millennial Reign and the Rapture of His Church is the most exhaustive and comprehensive Eastern Orthodox study available of the ageless teachings of Jesus Christ; the Apostles and the Fathers of the Church on this highly controversial subject. The author clearly contrasts authentic Biblical and Patristic testimony with the unscriptural views common in modern Pre-millennialism, and shows why the "PreTrib" Protestant perspective is not only heretical but a dangerous and soul-threatening deception. This book is a must for those who have been confused or carried away by the hysteria of "Left Behind" teaching put forth by many televangelists and pastors of Protestant churches. A Rumor of War offers solid tools for understanding both what will and what will not happen before Jesus Christ returns.

A Rumor of War includes...

  • When does the Orthodox Church teach Christ's Millennial Reign begin?
  • What are the two resurrections of mankind? 
  • When should they occur?
  • Who is the "Strong Man" of the Bible, and how is he freed from his chains?
  • Are Christians to be on earth during the Last Days?
  • The teachings of the Holy Fathers of the Church on "The Last Days..."
Paperback 256 pages
ISBN 1-928653-07-3