Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer
Frank Schaeffer is the author of two critically acclaimed and commercially successful novels, Portofino (Penguin-Putnam 1994) and Saving Grandma (Penguin-Putnam 1997.) Both Portofino and Saving Grandma have sold over 150,000 copies in the USA. They have also been translated into 8 languages. Keeping Faith – A Father-Son Story about love and the United States Marine Corps is his latest book. (Avalon 2002) He co-wrote the book with his son John who is a corporal in the US Marine Corps. The book, published in October, has been called a "stunning achievement" by Kirkus Reviews. Keeping Faith is now in its seventh printing and, as of May 4, 2003 is on the extended New York Times best seller list at number 30. OPRAH, C-SPAN, (Book TV) PBS, (the NEWS HOUR with Jim Lehrer) FOX NEWS, CNN, ABC (Nightline with Ted Kopel), ABC's 20/20 and other media have televised programs on the book and the two authors. Publisher's Weekly, The Los Angeles Times, Reader's Digest, People, the Washington Post, the National Review and many other newspapers and magazines have published excerpts, reviews or commentaries on the book. Frank's new novel Zermatt (a sequel to Portofino) will be published in September (Avalon Publishers).

"What To Keep An Eye On"

Frank Schaeffer was on Oprah April 15th!
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An excerpt from Keeping Faith will be in the May issue of
Reader's Digest

Coming in September form Avalon Publishers "ZERMATT" a new novel by Frank Schaeffer and the sequel to Portofino and Saving Grandma.

Before publishing Portofino, (his first novel) Frank worked extensively as a documentary film maker and also directed four low budget feature films. His documentaries include a well known series on medical ethics made for Dutch television, with the then surgeon general of the United States, Dr. C Everett Koop. Frank's features include “Wired to Kill,” “Headhunter,” “Rebel Storm” and “Baby On Board.”

Frank’s writing has appeared in the Washington Post, the Miami Herald, the Pittsburgh Gazette and many other newspapers. He has also been a guest essayist on the NEWS HOUR with Jim Lehrer on PBS, and has been a guest commentator on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered." Frank has also written widely on Eastern Orthodox theology and history and is a frequent lecturer on the subject.

Frank has lived in the USA, Switzerland, the UK and South Africa. He and his wife now reside near Boston. Frank has three grown children and two grandchildren. He is currently working on his third novel due out from Avalon in the autumn of 2003.

All of Frank's books are available on and Barnes &, however if you would like a signed copy, please purchase from Regina Press and request a signature copy in the notes during your checkout process.

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