Seek First the Kingdom
A Practical Guide to Living the Orthodox Life
by Fr. Dr. Cornel Todeasa

Seek First the Kingdom
Seek First the Kingdom
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Seek First the Kingdom is a remarkable guide to the Orthodox faith. It is high theology made understandable and accessible as Father Cornel takes his readers lovingly by the hand and gently invites them to participate in a genuine dialogue with what it means to be an Orthodox Christian. These remarkable anecdotal stories are about his encounters with the faith in all of its aspects, such as fasting, prayer, worship and almsgiving and his encounters with other people, from Bishops to the laity. His essays, which reveal his own positive outlook and love for life, for others and for God, shine with the light of the Holy Spirit.

Father Cornel teaches us about the faith, about ourselves and what we must do daily to keep on the right path. Moreover, he makes us aware that our journey towards Salvation lies in the way we live our everyday lives. This book is a gem and should be read by everyone: the novice, the pioneer of the faith and those who simply want to learn more about Orthodox Christianity.


  • Donít Worry! Seek First the Kingdom!
  • Now Is the Acceptable Time to Come to Christ
  • Suffering Is a Test
  • How to Fix the World
  • Death Is a Part of Life
  • Fasting is Good for the Soul

What made a lasting impression about these writings is that they show us through example, that as people living in this modern world, we must not forget that both our minds and our hearts play a role in our Christianity.

Father Cornelís writings shine with the light of the Holy Spirit.

- Dr. Gale Bellas-Papageorge


In May of 2000, Fr. Todeasa received a doctorate of Theology from the University of Oradea in Romania with a concentration in Biblical Hermeneutics. He is on the editorial board of The Solia, a publication of the North American Romanian Episcopate and is frequently published in various Orthodox newspapers and journals in the United States and Romania. He is the founder and editor of the publications Lumina, Datini, and Alma Mater.

Fr. Cornel Todeasa has been a priest for twenty-four years. He was born in Transylvania, Romania and attended Theological Seminary of Sibiu where he received his undergraduate and master's degree.

Fr. Todeasa served as a priest at Holy Cross Church in Alexandra, Virginia and St. Mary's in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1991, he became the Parish Priest at St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, Connecticut where he is presently serving.