Foreword -- By Archbishop DMITRI of Dallas

Many converts to Orthodoxy have witnessed to their own journey to the Faith. Rarely, however, do we find, as we do in The Way, such a detailed and honest account of the painful realization that the faith one has been taught and lived by and even defended is a falsification, a counterfeit of the real thing. Many of the readers of The Way will undoubtedly be surprised to find that the differences between "western Christianity" and the Orthodox Faith are so great, really, so radical.

There is much in Mr. Carlton's story that will be familiar to those who, like myself, have come from Evangelical Protestantism. In my capacity as pastor and teacher, I have had both the duty and joy of helping a number of inquirers to find their way, and thus, here I have found much that is common to their experience. Further, since the author has indicated to me that his readers might be interested in my own pilgrimage to the Church, I have undertaken to recall, to the best of my ability, the events leading up to my conversion.

I had many of the misconceptions he describes about the very nature of the Christian way deeply ingrained in my consciousness. I made the break with my Baptist beginnings rather early in life, some fifty-seven years ago. My sister, Demetra, and I had begun to feel very ill-at-ease in our Baptist Church. Although we were encouraged to tread the Bible, we felt that in so many ways what we did in Church did not seem to match what we read about in the New Testament. Perhaps it was the picnic on Good Friday and the rather vague notion of the Resurrection, which was only referred to briefly two days later, but we were moved to investigate, to see if we could find the "New Testament Church." Somehow we came across a World Book of Religions, and it was there that we discovered the existence of the Orthodox Church, which in our minds seemed to fit our notions of what the Church should be. At the time, I was only fourteen years old, and she was fifteen, but we took the bold step of calling the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, the only Orthodox Church in Dallas, Texas...